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Are you interested in hearing about our first-hand experiences with tools, devices or items used throughout our renovation? If so, check out our complete list of product reviews in our Toolbox Tuesday section. 

We aren't compensated for these reviews by the manufacturers. We simply want to share good products when we see them, and hope that learning from our mistakes can help save you time, money and frustration.

Today's story is a tantalizing tale of tool turmoil, rather than your typical Toolbox Tuesday review. The events of the last several days left me seething for more than a moment, and it happened as fast as, well, getting hit by a slow moving truck...literally.Some of you may remember, while...
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Though our siding to do list was growing rather than shrinking, we had accomplished most everything we could without addressing the ugly nine headed gorilla in the room of "how are we going to work up high on the side of the house?" It was a simple dilemma, but one whose...
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Ah, the joys of a massive project undertaking. Though most major projects come with long hours, new skills, and inevitable wedded bliss (wink wink, nudge nudge), the joy I'm talking about is my mantra! My credo! My rule to live a DIY life by! It's been a while since I...
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If there's one thing to know about me as a homeowner, it's that I'm paranoid of water. My fear of water, or at least of water running rampant in our home, stems from what's been drilled into my head over the years. Water is the enemy of structure, and when...
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Our backyard is small, it's true, but it's one of our home's spaces that we happen to love with with all of our heart. Our backyard is our entertaining space, our relaxing space, our outdoor dining space, our gardening space, Lulu's squirrel chasing space (and sometimes potty space), our party...
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There are a handful of tools in our workshop that were initially viewed as purely a luxury purchase, but have slowly transitioned over the years into tried, true, and trusty tools in my collection. One such tool is actually a companion tool to a much larger tool, but this companion...
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Last week a photo of a speed square was posted on the Instagram feed of Charles & Hudson, the well known home improvement, DIY, and tool website. I saw the photo and left a comment that a good speed square is easily in my list of "Top 10 Must Have...
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Recently I wrote several posts detailing the process we've taken to repoint a portion of our 19th century masonry. From proper mortar selection to the whole learning process associated with making good looking mortar joints, it was a laborious task with a bit of a learning curve, but one made...
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I've heard the subject of today's Toolbox Tuesday post referred to as paddle bits, hole bits, flat bits, spade bits, speed bits, wing bits, and even boring bits, but that last one can't possibly be referring to the level of interest these drill bits should generate. Regardless of what you...
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There comes a time in your project or renovation life where you develop a certain comfort with the tools you have. You may not own every tool you need or want, but you're able to make do with the ones you own, making them work for the tasks at hand,...
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