Or maybe it's re-rope sash, or restring windows, or re-weight with sash cord? No matter, sit back, buckle in, and get ready for a riveting blog post about restoring antique windows! I doesn't get much more exciting. (I'm lying, it can only get more exciting.)Antique double hung windows are beautiful,...
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Now that the post-holiday dust has settled, the pine needles are vacuumed up, and the decorations safely stowed for another year, I find the restored space in our home leads to one thing – a critical eye. Without the distraction of glitzy ornaments and color coordinated wrapping, the smell of...
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Like a bad 1980's daytime drama, we left off in our tale of antique oak dresser compromise with a major cliffhanger, only it didn't involve murder, amnesia, and a twisted love triangle. Instead, just a simple identity crisis. After initially convincing my better half of the option to keep the...
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With our somewhat substantial DC area snow storm of about 8"-9" in our neighborhood, we finally break the several year long streak of winters without a two inch or greater snowfall. The best news, the snow was actually quite nice. Light, fluffy, and perfect for running around in with Lulu...
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We're supposedly getting a whole pantload of snow today, so I've setup the obligatory window web cam and will be showing you our live look. I know, most don't care about this one bit, but some of our friends and family like to check in on our surprising lack of...
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Several months ago, after receiving an antique dresser my parents were looking to get rid of, we told you about our plans to paint it and put it in our bathroom closet. I mean, what kind of bloggers would we be if we weren't looking to slather some antique...
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For those who are sensitive to expletives, this post will likely contain enough four letter words that it deserves it's own "Parental Advisory" sticker. If such colorful language offends you, you should probably stop reading now. However, I'll try to temper the language with adorable photos of our beautiful...
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If there's one thing that makes me think "I really need to finish the storm windows," it's the bone chilling 4 degree cold we had a week ago (that was the lowest in 20 years) combined with the associated high winds and billowing drapes that accompany it. Did I just...
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There I stood, in the pouring rain, looking up at the business end of a length of 4" copper downspout, cold water simply gushing into my face, trying to simultaneously hold an umbrella, adjust the downspout per my husband's instruction, and keep from spinning into a rage directed at this...
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In the summer after my senior year of high school, when I scored a veritable windfall job that paid a king's salary of $9 an hour, I gave almost no thought to the way this job might shape me and my interests as a person. I was an 18 year...
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Thank you, everyone, for your very supportive notes, thoughts, and wishes. We can't tell you how much we appreciate each and every one of them. Lulu underwent surgery yesterday and we picked her up from the vet at about 6:00pm. The torture of waiting all day for the call that she...
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We hope you've all been enjoying the New Year, but we've had a bit of bad news to deal with over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, we received the regrettable news that Lulu's cancer has returned (now 16 months removed from her initial surgery). But let me back up a bit.  In...
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As is always my goal, it's my hope that the process we're going to cover in researching, selecting, and installing a DIY Home Security System will be beneficial to readers of our blog. More than ever, I hope this particular series of posts ends up quite useful for future referencers...
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