Toolbox Tuesday

Are you interested in hearing about our first-hand experiences with tools, devices or items used throughout our renovation? If so, check out our complete list of product reviews in our Toolbox Tuesday section. 

We aren't compensated for these reviews by the manufacturers. We simply want to share good products when we see them, and hope that learning from our mistakes can help save you time, money and frustration.

In the years I've been doing various forms of home improvement, I've come to know and love the tools I depend on. From drills to saws, the standard lot of tools are usually good enough to get the job done and are the items I rely on to help out...
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As you may have seen from our various gardening inspired posts, we've been extremely hard at work trying to keep all of our plants alive through the ridiculous heat spikes we've been experiencing. The pendulum of Mother Nature has been swinging quite far in either direction from week to week,...
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This week's Toolbox Tuesday deviates a little from the tool theme and goes the way of technology supplies. Though it's a bit of a departure from our normal posts, we still hope you'll enjoy reading it. Also, we updated yesterday's 4th of July buntings post with a few additional photos...
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Several months ago I did a Toolbox Tuesday on the proper tape to use when sealing up your ducts. In spite of its name, duct tape is not the tape of choice, go figure. But since that post, I've used one other method for sealing up our ducts that I've...
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Though most of the tools we've covered on Toolbox Tuesday have been geared around woodworking, painting, HVAC, or other items commonly associated with home improvement, today's tool has a far more technical lean to it. Some time ago we filled you all in on our completely and totally overkill structured...
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Over the last several days I've been braving the heat and cramped surrounds of our attic all in the name of energy efficiency and comfort. It's a little bit funny to me that I will venture into a veritable oven on some of the warmest days we've had this...
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Over the past several years I often find myself in conversations where the question of "What tools do you reccomend I buy first?" is asked by a new homeowner that's looking to get started on a DIY project or two. While everyone loves and expects me to list off a...
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We've been doing quite a bit of HVAC work of late as we get ready for the heat of summer and the various items necessary for the master bathroom renovation. From demolition of horrendously installed duct work, to custom fabrication of vent boots, even the most minor work that needs...
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Today's "tool" has been somewhat critical in the success of this year's gardening, planting, and entertaining endeavors. No, I'm not talking about an axe, shovel, or some other sort of gardening accessory, I'm actually talking about a tool that's primary purpose is for entertainment. The tool I'm talking about is...
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Though we've devoted many Toolbox Tuesdays talking about very cool and "sexy" heavy duty tools such as saws and nail guns, it is important to remember the critical role the smaller and more general devices play in our everyday DIYing. When I think of things I'm absolutely sure to include...
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Toolbox Tuesday
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