Toolbox Tuesday

Are you interested in hearing about our first-hand experiences with tools, devices or items used throughout our renovation? If so, check out our complete list of product reviews in our Toolbox Tuesday section. 

We aren't compensated for these reviews by the manufacturers. We simply want to share good products when we see them, and hope that learning from our mistakes can help save you time, money and frustration.

When I was younger and I thought of a "handy type person," I typically conjured thoughts of people like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor. His caricature represented the gold standard in avid hobbyists that throw caution to the wind, often suffering the nearly disastrous affects of their ill fated attempts to...
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A few weeks ago we created a basic how-to guide on sweating a copper plumbing fitting. Though this aspect of home improvement is often intimidating (it was for me the first time I did it), it's a completely doable task if you have the right tools for the job and...
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I mentioned a specific tool in yesterday's post about our grand closet reveal that I've also mentioned a few times before on various other projects. In fact, this particular tool has been so useful that it's been a key element in the success of our office desk, kitchen shoe storage,...
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When I look in my various toolboxes, tool bucket, or workbench, I see a collection of instruments I've purchased over the years that have slowly turned me from an incapable dweller to a moderately accomplished home DIYer. Some of the tools, like my drill or circular saw, are must haves...
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It's been a little while since our last Toolbox Tuesday blog post. With all of the hectic fervor surrounding the last few months, we've been pretty lax in sharing some of our latest purchases, finds, and favorite items. I think it's about time to dust off the old Toolbox Tuesday...
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We had a bit much going on this week for a Toolbox Tuesday, so I figured I'd make it a Toolbox Thursday. It still has the alliteration I'm looking for, so we'll go for it and see how it feels as a more permanent toolbox day. In our post about our...
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In previous posts we've stressed the importance of lighting and the impact it can have on the end results of a project. Sure, we were talking about recessed lights, lamps, and chandeliers, but mid project lighting is just as essential, often overlooked, and can't be seen by those looking at...
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A few weeks ago in order to participate in the Summer Pinterest Challenge, we scraped together a few items we had laying around the basement to create a project for almost no cost and little effort. For our modest investment of a little time (most of it spent watching paint...
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To commemorate Week of Alex II, I've got a really cool tool for you on this week's Toolbox Tuesday!  Last week I covered my simple and standard method for shaving down drywall using a rasp. Tools like those are basic necessities and don't add much complexity to the project but serve...
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In the years I've been doing various forms of home improvement, I've come to know and love the tools I depend on. From drills to saws, the standard lot of tools are usually good enough to get the job done and are the items I rely on to help out...
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Toolbox Tuesday
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