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If you read our post earlier today you saw that we recently installed an on demand filtered water tap in the space previously occupied by a broken side sprayer. The install went smoothly (well, at least once Alex followed directions), and the availability of filtered water at the sink has solved a storage issue for us in our refrigerator. 

As we mentioned in the earlier post, we were invited to try out this kit and see how we liked it. The cool thing about this offer was that they group that contacted us offered to give a filter kit away to one of our readers if we approved of it after install and use. We love to give you guys things that we like, so this was music to our ears. Now that it's in place, and we're enjoying how it works, we figured now is a pretty great time to give one away to a lucky commenter. 

The product is called the Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System with Maximum Filtration Plus. It's plumbed into the cold water supply line under your sink and it offers on demand filtered tap water at the push of a lever.

The highlights of this product are:

  • Entire system only costs $100
  • Has a space saving design that mounts under your kitchen sink
  • A dedicated faucet easily mounts onto your countertop next to the kitchen faucet
  • Reduces contaminants from water including select VOCs, select pharmaceuticals, microbial cysts and lead 
  • Filters last up to six months, and changes are quick and easy with no tools required

As water quality and information related to every day contaminants has worked its way into our awareness, it's important to remember that the overall cleanliness and purity of water extends well beyond general taste. I know that we never gave a second thought to drinking tap water (or even water straight from the hose) as kids, but that was before we knew just what we were drinking. In today's age of bottle water, purification systems, and the constant worry about contaminants for all members of your family (including the four legged ones), it's good to know you're taking the extra steps to ensure their health and well being however possible.

We're giving one lucky reader the ability to add this Filtrete Drinking Water System to their kitchen, bathroom, or wherever fresh water is desired and a supply line is nearby. Here's how you can enter to win:

  • PRIZE: A Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System with Maximum Filtration Plus
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Tuesday, February 12th at 11:59pm EST.
  • AND THE WINNER IS: One lucky winner will be chosen by and announced on Wednesday, February 13th, so be sure to come back then to see if you're the winner.
  • PRIZE REDEEMABLE: The winner will have the prize shipped directly to the U.S. address they provide.
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “FRESH CLEAN WATER”, and tell us a little bit about your daily water drinking goals or habits. (One entry per household.) We'd also love it if you would "like" us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, but that's not mandatory. 
  • WHO'S ELIGIBLE: This Reader Reward is open to residents of the United States only.

I'll start with our habits:

Wendy: Beyond the daily attempts to drink as many glasses as possible, I make it a habit to take a full glass of water to bed. There's nothing worse than waking up with a dry mouth and realizing you don't have a glass nearby or a way to quench your thirst. 

Alex: I try to drink at least two liters of water per day, every day. This is harder in the winter than it is in the summer, and I usually drink more than two liters when I'm running more frequently. I notice I sleep better, feel more refreshed in the morning, and don't tire as easily during the day when I drink enough water.

Good luck!

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2/8/2013 at 5:35 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER--I drink 6 glasses a day, and always keep a glass by my bed too!
2/8/2013 at 5:36 PM
What a brilliant alternative to lugging all those bottles (to say nothing of all that plastic) into the house. Yes please!
Kristin M
2/8/2013 at 6:02 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER - I try to drink 8 glasses a day. I usually have a glass by the bed also.
2/8/2013 at 7:01 PM
I hate how much space the filtered pitchers take up in the refrigerator - love this idea!
2/8/2013 at 7:32 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER! Love the idea - great alternative to pitchers and bottles!!
2/8/2013 at 8:20 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER! This is great idea, and it would save me so much money!
2/8/2013 at 9:27 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER - I aim for 8 glasses a day (usually get 6). Gave up bottled water years ago to help old Mother Earth. This sounds great.
2/8/2013 at 9:39 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER! Water is pretty much the only beverage my husband and I drink, so we would get plenty of use out of this. In the past we've had a filter pitcher in our fridge, and recently we installed an inline filter on the water line to our fridge, which has an in-door dispenser. Eventually I'd like to replace it with a model without a dispenser, so this would be a great alternative.
Jason Killian
2/8/2013 at 9:46 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER: I aim for 2-3 liters per day, with "mandatory" pints at certain points in the day (right after I get off the scale in the morning, right after brushing my teeth, lunch, during a shower after work, and dinner). In the summer that really ratchets up, with 100deg days upping my consumption at work and long mountain bike rides draining a 100oz camelback.
2/9/2013 at 1:45 AM
FRESH CLEAN WATER - definitely have a goal to drink more water (in place of diet cola which is currently my #1 beverage!) - AND February 12 is my birthday so what a great birthday present this would be! :)
2/9/2013 at 8:49 AM
Fresh clean water! I've been drinking more water this year and realize I get fewer afternoon headaches!!
2/9/2013 at 10:16 AM
FRESH CLEAN WATER, I try to drink two liters at work every day
2/9/2013 at 1:41 PM
Fresh Clean Water! We dream of a whole house filtration system - until that day comes, this little guy would be a great start.
Odessa Kidd
2/9/2013 at 3:14 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER! Living in an older garage apartment I am not able to drink directly from the tap without boiling the water because the water is dirty. So I shell out $30+ a month to buy bottled water and that is an expense I would rather not have. I have very limited space in my fridge as it isn't a normal sized refrigerator and literally the entire bottom shelf of my fridge is bottled water. Like you, I have a broken water sprayer attached to my sink which I've asked my landlord to fix but she doesn't think it's a necessary expense and, honestly, she's cheap. I need this filter system!
2/9/2013 at 6:34 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER! I drink at least 6 glasses a day, more than that if my tea counts too!
2/9/2013 at 11:02 PM
Fresh Clean Water!! My new years resolution is to drink more water, this would really help. Love your blog!! :)
2/10/2013 at 12:04 AM
FRESH CLEAN WATER! I always forget to replace our brita filter--this seems way better!!!
Shawn B!
2/10/2013 at 6:54 AM
“FRESH CLEAN WATER" - as a nursing mom, I'm drinking Tons of water.... this would be awesome!
2/10/2013 at 8:00 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER - - would love to win this giveaway. We are BIG water drinkers in our house. So much so that we have a giant jug in our fridge filled with filtered water at all times as well as 10 reusable bottles filled with filtered water that we keep in there for a quick grab and go. Right now we have a PUR filter on the faucet itself, but that setup is not my favorite thing . . . especially because we would eventually like to upgrade to a pull down faucet and that wouldn't work at all. This looks like it would be a really good option for us when we decide to do that project.
2/10/2013 at 8:01 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER - - would love to win this giveaway. We are BIG water drinkers in our house. So much so that we have a giant jug in our fridge filled with filtered water at all times as well as 10 reusable bottles filled with filtered water that we keep in there for a quick grab and go. Right now we have a PUR filter on the faucet itself, but that setup is not my favorite thing . . . especially because we would eventually like to upgrade to a pull down faucet and that wouldn't work at all. This looks like it would be a really good option for us when we decide to do that project.
2/10/2013 at 10:29 PM
I drink too much soda, I am trying to drink more water.
2/11/2013 at 9:27 AM
FRESH CLEAN WATER. I keep a big (16 oz) glass at work and fill up in the morning, then again at lunchtime. Gotta fight the dryness of the workplace (and the urge to snack). We have the Brita pitcher at home (our water is really hard), and refill it several times a day. We drink a lot of water, as well as use it for tea, lemonade, and juices, and of course for the beagle's water bowl :-)
Laura H
2/11/2013 at 11:49 AM
FRESH CLEAN WATER. I know I need to drink more water, but I am trying.
2/11/2013 at 12:26 PM

about a quart a day
Francisca S.
2/11/2013 at 1:15 PM
I would love to use this to get some FRESH CLEAN WATER :)
2/11/2013 at 2:34 PM

The hubs and I keep filtered water in our fridge so we can have cold water whenever.
2/11/2013 at 5:11 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER...something I'm trying really hard to drink more regularly! I have to consciously work at it, but I never forget to take a glass with me when I go to bed!
Katie S
2/11/2013 at 10:27 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER -- It may sound gross but I try to make sure my pee stays just a bit yellow. Too much color and I drink more, too little and I drink less. I do find that I prefer drinking filtered water over the tap water in the new house, but it may be because our tap water isn't the greatest.
2/12/2013 at 11:51 AM

I am constantly finding myself dehydrated, so am on a mission to drink water more often!
2/12/2013 at 4:11 PM

I usually drink a coffee cup or two of water at work every day, this year I've also been trying to substitute water for Coke at lunch!
Kelly C.
2/12/2013 at 8:35 PM
FRESH CLEAN WATER - I've always loved water and drink a lot of it. I'd love to know it was good quality drinking water!
2/12/2013 at 9:00 PM
I currently drink 80oz of tap water a day, winter or summer. I drink a lot and can really tell when I am traveling and don't remember to drink.
I've often wondered about this product. I use the high quality Filtrete filters in my central heat/air unit and I am sure that helps us with our allergies!
Would love to win it, for sure!!!!
2/12/2013 at 11:19 PM

I try to get through my 27 oz Klean Kanteen twice during the day at work, and then through a different 32 oz bottle in the evenings. I definitely notice a difference in how I feel (ie, better!) the more water I drink during the day.

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