Wendy and I have has an ongoing debate in our house that we need you to settle for us. The options are simple: "covered up" or "au natural," but the decision has our house divided. It's an age old question that plagues home owners day and night, and more specifically,...
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Like choosing the perfect accessories to complement a little black dress, choosing the finishing touches for a room can make or break the look. After months of backbreaking work, tedious labor, and even an injury or two, the paint was dry in our master bedroom and we were finally ready...
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When I was younger and I thought of a "handy type person," I typically conjured thoughts of people like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor. His caricature represented the gold standard in avid hobbyists that throw caution to the wind, often suffering the nearly disastrous affects of their ill fated attempts to...
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There's nothing like making a big pot of soup on a cold winter's day to really warm you up. In particular, I find that Sundays are my favorite time of the week to cook, and I love making a large enough quantity of a recipe that we'll have leftovers to...
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Do you remember last week when I said I was excited for the potential of the upcoming weekend? Well, I went and jinxed myself with that one. The weekend was good for the most part, but I came down with some sort of a super bug sinus cold at some...
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With the three day weekend came a little extra time for fun. On Saturday, with friends in tow, we headed out to Leesburg and Lucketts, Virginia to try our shopping luck. This area, roughly an hour from our house, is a veritable treasure trove of home decor and second hand...
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Since we completed our wine bar area in the kitchen last year, we find ourselves using the additional storage and counter space for many items beyond simply serving wine. From a place to drop the mail after it's delivered, to a prep area for baked goods, having the additional counter...
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We're a little late getting started due to some technical issues, but please follow along for the Old Town George Washington Birthday Parade. 3:03 PM - Sorry for the somewhat lackluster live tweeting. Was another great Old Town parade, can't wait for St Patty's day parade on 3/2. 2:42 PM - One...
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If you're a regular reader of ours you know how much we enjoy working on our home and doing things ourselves. Sure, I enjoy watching baseball, going skiing, doing a little programming, watching TV, taking vacations, and lots of other masculine and awesome stuff like long walks in the park...
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Valentine's Day is a strange holiday. Rather than a simple "I do celebrate" or "I don't celebrate," it becomes a minor symbol of who many people are, and a person's enjoyment or loathing of the holiday is often defined by their past experiences and appreciation (or lack of appreciation) of...
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Either it's happened to you, or you probably know someone who's had it happen to them. I'm talking about the unfortunate circumstance of a major flood in a home caused by a burst pipe or broken plumbing component. Knock on wood, it's never happened to us in our home, but...
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We have a bit of a guest bedroom situation we need to deal with. Nearly two years ago, we completed a budget makeover of our guest bedroom. This involved plaster repair, hole patching, a fresh coat of paint, and a few nice accessories to turn a room previously reserved for junk...
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Over the last several weeks we've been sharing all of the various aspects of our master bedroom renovation work. Though the project took quite a bit of time from start to finish, it's one of the projects in our house that has truly transformed the cold and uninviting space into...
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Hello! If you're here from Apartment Therapy and you thought "what is this Old Town Home thing, I better check it out," let me take a moment to welcome you and introduce ourselves. We're Wendy & Alex, DIY nerds who own a very old house (over 125 years old) in...
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This Reader Reward is now closed. Congratulations to Anne @ Planting Sequoias!If you read our post earlier today you saw that we recently installed an on demand filtered water tap in the space previously occupied by a broken side sprayer. The install went smoothly (well, at least once Alex followed...
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