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Merlindia and Benethiopia, for the uninitiated, are the nomadic lands of the Fojol Brothers and their wonderful food trucks. I've mentioned the Fojol Brothers in a previous post about Truckeroo, but I wanted to give them a proper shoutout with a post that is entirely about their style and their...
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You may recall a post from a few months ago where I attended the first ever Truckeroo in D.C. What is Truckeroo, you ask? It is an organized gathering of approximately 20 of D.C.'s popular rolling eateries otherwise known as food trucks. On a Friday of each summer month, Truckeroo...
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Since I love talking about food trucks (almost as much as I love eating at food trucks), and don't want to OD people on food truck posts, I figure it can be an on again, off again Friday tradition... starting this week :-) The Red Hook Lobster truck rolled into the...
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It's been a while since my last food truck inspired post, and what better way to bring it back than with a newly launched truck that brings one of my most favorite things to the streets of DC...Ice Cream. Washington, DC is sweltering this time of year. The height of summer...
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My apologies if I'm overwhelming you with food truck info these days. It seems like this is becoming the "Old Town Home of Food Trucks." I've been without my fix for a while, so the flood of posts is related to my falling off of the food truck wagon. I'm...
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