You may recall a post from a few months ago where I attended the first ever Truckeroo in D.C. What is Truckeroo, you ask? It is an organized gathering of approximately 20 of D.C.'s popular rolling eateries otherwise known as food trucks. On a Friday of each summer month, Truckeroo takes over the parking lot just beyond the center field gate of Nationals Park.

Unfortunately, I missed Truckeroo 2 because Wendy and I were out of town. :-( I was quite sad. But I'm in town today, so several co-workers and I headed over to the Nationals Park/Navy Yard area to check out this third installment. 

Martin showing us it is Truckeroo 3

Overall, the event seemed to be more widely attended. Not a surprising scenario since it is far more well known this time around. Even though there were more people, everything seemed to be running just a little bit smoother than the last one I attended. I'll chalk that up to experience. See, no lines out front like the last time.

The trucks were plentiful and colorful. I actually think the colorful and original truck designs are one of my favorite parts about food trucks, and having them all lined up like this almost feels like a NASCAR race with all of the brightly colored and heavily sponsored cars.

As is with the last event, a live band greeted guests as they arrived.

And the cornhole boards were actually being used this time.

But we weren't here for music or fun, we were here for some hardcore food trucking indulgence, and there were a lot of trucks to check out. 

Martin and I settled on the Hula Girl Truck. They are a new truck that I've been waiting to try to for a little while, but they've not been near my office. Their truck is very cool, and is made to look like an old woodie surf wagon.

I'd say they did a pretty awesome job on the execution of the design. 

I have to be honest, I felt a little guilty getting food at this truck. I love me some Fojol Brothers of Merlindia curry, but I decided to cheat on them and try out the Hula Girl's Hawaiian inspired food. I purchase a "lunch plate" for $10 which included teriyaki grilled firm tofu and two scoops of sticky rice with a side of their mac salad. I have to say, I was not disappointed one bit. Oh, and the raddish slaw with the mac was outstanding.

I will definitely go again if they come to the area near my office. My friend, Martin ordered t the same, but with chicken instead of tofu. 

As you can see, he also picked up a can of Land Shark Lager for $6 from the beer tent by the band. 

Once we were done eating, we had gotten a little bit hot sitting in the direct sunlight. (Note to anyone from Truckeroo reading this: Truckeroo 4 really needs more umbrellas and at least one more row of tables.) So we decided to head over to the Pleasant Pops truck to get a couple of popsicles. 

Pleasant Pops makes unique flavors of pops with fresh and natural ingredients. They clearly mark their menu and even post caloric information for each pop.

Martin and I both ordered the Caroline's Sweet Tea pops for $2.50 each. They were quite good!

After that, we headed back to the office. Overall it was a great day for Truckeroo 3, and I wouldn't mind going back for dinner. But I didn't leave before taking pictures of all of the various trucks. So here's a roundup of the other trucks that showed up to this great event.

Sol Mexican Grill

Capitol Greenz

Sweet Bites

Eat Stix (they have cake pops!)


Mojo Truck


El Floridano

Curbside Cupcakes (better than Georgetown Cupcakes in my opinion)


Fojol Bros of Merlindia


Red Hook Lobster Rolls


Yes, even the D.C. Lottery truck, selling lottery tickets.

That Cheesecake Truck

Sabora Street


D.C. Empanadas

D.C. Slices


Eat Wonky

Feelin' Crabby?

Sang On Wheels

Big Cheese

If you're in D.C. today and are looking for something to do for dinner, head over to Truckeroo. And if you're thinking about coming to D.C. in the next couple of weeks, check out the Truckeroo website to see when their next scheduled event is announced so you can attend. 

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8/12/2011 at 7:54 PM
Nice coverage, but $10 for a bento box? $2.50 for a pop? Price inflation is taken to a new height! I am seriously in the wrong field - should have done the Dim Sum Truck for real.
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