Two weekends ago, Alex and I threw a big time bash to celebrate the impending arrival of close friends' first child. This baby shower was so much fun to plan and execute, and allowed me to try out a few new sweet recipes. In addition to a dessert bar complete with raspberry filled vanilla bean cupcakes and Rice Krispies lollipops, I created a simple yet elegant (and quite tasty) party favor -- white chocolate dipped pretzels.

These pretzels are a snap to make, and require just three ingredients: white chocolate chips, a bag of pretzels (in this case I selected oversized classic pretzel twists), and sanding sugar (optional).

I started with a double bag of white chocolate chips, placing them in a microwave safe bowl. In 30 second increments I microwaved them, stirring until the chocolate was melted and smooth.

I prefer this approach of melting the chocolate to that of using an improvised double boiler. I've had an issue with the chocolate seizing up mid melt on the stove top, so this safer method may take a bit longer, but it's easier until I get the right pots in the future.

With the chocolate melted I laid out two cookie sheets on the counter, lining them both with parchment paper. Grabbing one pretzel in each hand, I dipped the top half of each pretzel in the melted chocolate. After lifting the pretzel from the chocolate I paised for a moment to allow the excess chocolate to drip off. I then gave each pretzel a gentle shake to remove any drips and laid them carefully on the cookie sheet.

Before the chocolate had time to set up, I used sanding sugar (in this case, a turquoise color to complement the theme of the baby shower), to dust the top of each pretzel.

After completing a full sheet of pretzels, I popped them in the refrigerator for approximately five minutes so the chocolate could harden. I repeated this process with each non-broken pretzel in the bag, and was left with a heaping array of beautifully dipped pretzels. 

Depending on your presentation or desire to consume as many as you possibly can, you could stop there, but in my case I wanted to individually wrap them as party favors. Using cellophane candy bags and coordinating ribbon purchased from my local craft store, I set out to dress these twists up a bit. First, I measured out equal lengths of the ribbon. After the ribbon was cut, I placed two pretzels in each of the 20 bags, one for each party guest.

I tied each ribbon into a bow, securing the pretzels in each cellophane bag.

To promote the liklihood that guests would actially take the favors I arranged the them in a decorative basket lined with paper filler and displayed them near the door during the party. As a finishing touch, I propped a card up on the basket which thanked guests for joining us and invited them to take a favor home with them.

This simple, delicious, and beautiful addition made for a perfect party favor in our case, but could be just as lovely when placed in a tin and used as teachers' or hostess gifts, displayed on a tray as a dessert during a party, or wrapped up and given to a friend as a pick me up or gift. I don't know about you, but the salty/sweet combination of chocolate covered pretzels is something that almost can't be topped!

Would you be happy to take home one of these favors? Do you have a favorite party favor that you've ever given or received? Perhaps you have an idea that could work well? I'd love to hear what ideas you have.

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6/6/2013 at 11:02 PM
You are so crafty! Those are beautiful!
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