Ahhh. Is there anything better than having a Monday off? Alex and I are basking in the glow of our three day weekend and are finishing up a few odds and ends around our home. Hint. One major New Year's Resolution is being checked off as we speak. Any guesses?

On this holiday, we'd like to take a moment to honor our country's Commanders-in-Chief, and at 1:00 will be attending the annual Alexandria Presidents' Day Parade. We'll be sharing photos of the event as well as other local sites that catch our eye. We hope you'll come along for the ride!

Live Tweets:

2:24 PM - There's so much #GeorgeWashington history in #OldTown #AlexandriaVA

2:08 PM - Another fun year at the #OldTown #AlexandriaVA Presidents Day Parade.

2:08 PM - Thank you to the guys in the street vacuums riding behind the horses. Your service is appreciated.

2:05 PM - @hardtimesfun represents with miniature #SecretService escorts for George on the hard times truck.

2:02 PM - George Washington Middle School marching band.

1:58 PM - Horses!

1:50 PM - Men in kilts. A favorite amongst the ladies at the Presidents' Day Parade in #OldTown #AlexandriaVA.

1:48 PM - Go Earl! Rockin' out in your mini Shriner car.

1:43 PM - Whip it good.

1:42 PM - Another favorite. I would love to own a #Shelby at some point.

1:40 PM - Hel-lo Kena Shriners. Love those hats!

1:38 PM - Nothing says Presidents' Day like Revolutionary War uniforms and firearms. Looking' good gentlemen!

1:38 PM - Happy Birthday #GeorgeWashington!

1:33 PM - Here comes the #KingStreetTrolley! A fun and free way to get around #OldTown #AlexandriaVA.

1:30 PM - Can't get a better #GeorgeWashington Parade backdrop.

1:30 PM - Bring on the military vehicles.

1:24 PM - We need more stock cars in #OldTown #AlexandriaVA, it's the new #CowBell

1:22 PM - And Happy Birthday to you #Abe (overheard a Marine say "do we salute the president?" Hysterical.)

1:19 PM - One of my personal favorite dream cars, and original #Corvette #Stingray, only one better is a 1962.

1:15 PM - How little things change in 100 years.

1:09 PM - And we're underway folks.

12:18 PM - @AJOhio bandwidth restrictions ;-)

12:18 PM - Headed out in #OldTown #AlexandriaVA for the #PresidentsDay parade. Happy Birthday George! Won't you join us?

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Kelly Battiston
2/20/2012 at 12:34 PM
Thanks to your blog we found out about this! It is our first one, thank you!
That's great to hear. Hope you had a good time.
2/21/2012 at 10:16 AM
hysterical giggles re the street sweepers following the horses.

Thanks for the kilts. Pictures of Marines are always appreciated as well. (mom of one, you know. Oddly, a Marine who also rocks a kilt on occasion.)
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