This year actually started off with a public proclamation. As is tradition with many people come January 1, we put together a somewhat lengthy list of News Year’s Resolutions. The list included everything from run of the mill cleaning to lofty goals of whole room overhauls. It felt good to put together a list of very attainable items as well as items that would challenge us to complete them. So how did we do with our list, anyway? Well, here's a status report to keep us honest. 

Resolution #1: Officially finish the vestibule project

Status: Complete!  We applied the coat of glossy black paint to the interior side of the french doors early this year, and officially called it done.

Resolution #2: Put a stop to our leaking sky light once and for all. 

Status: Complete! We completed 90% of the work in 2011, and earlier this year applied a good coat of roof paint. We waited with baited breath, but months have passed by and all signs point to a successful fix.

Resolution #3: Fix unsightly crack near sky light caused by said leak. 

Status: Complete! For years this crack taunted me, and 2012 was the year to say buh-bye

Resolution #4: Make custom storm windows for master bedroom, living room, and master bath. After all, Alex publicly declared he'd finish this one by January 31, 2012. 

Status: In progress. Despite Alex's proclamation of his self imposed deadline and hours of effort, this project was pushed off to the side due to several unexpected projects. (Ahem, can anyone say unplanned kitchen renovation?)

Resolution #5: Redecorate the sun porch to remove the tired floral window treatments, and to better incorporate the wine fridge into the furniture layout.

Status: Complete! This one was easier said than done. WIth the month of January came new window treatments and rug, but then I lost my decorating mojo. By August, we had finally solved the wine fridge dilemma, opting to move it into the kitchen and integrating it with cabinets to form a new "wine bar" in the kitchen, complete with custom built shelving.

Resolution #6: Refurbish my great grandfather's chair, given to us years ago by my parents. 

Status: Nearly complete! Alex took the lead on this project, stripping, sanding, and glueing this piece back together again. We tried our hand at using an aniline dye, and restored the missing seat support. All that's left is having a cushion made for the chair. I've been in touch with a local company, the fabric is purchased, the estimate is approved, and all we're waiting on is for the company to complete their week's worth of effort. 

Resolution #7: Repair and replace the bay window on the back of our home. 

Status: The raised panels and windows have seen better days as this part of our house takes a beating from the sun. In August, this project shot to the top of the project list when we experienced a leak in our back bedroom. We didn't replace the back window, but we did repair it so that further leaks can be avoided until we can tackle this project the "right way." Spurred on by the scorching summer temperatures, late night mosquito bites, and an unexpected mid paint rain storm, Alex showed his enthusiasm for the project.

Resolution #8: Devote some serious time and attention to our master bathroom renovation. The 1980s monstrosity must go, and we were sure that 2012 was the year.

Status: Fail! Even though we were realistic and didn't expect to complete this project in 2012, we certainly expected to get further along. Instead, we spent months of effort on our unexpected kitchen renovation, as well as several other projects that just seemed to pop up. Don't get me wrong, we made a tiny bit of progress. After all, we finalized the layout and even bought an old buffet to repurpose as a vanity. We swear, 2013 is "The. Year."

Resolution #9: Continue our Curb Appeal 2.0 efforts by selecting and installing a border around our front tree, and planting the area with flowers.

Status: Complete! We endured hours of back breaking work in order to whip this sad area into shape. One item we removed from the project list was the addition of a cast iron border. Despite our best efforts, having contacted several companies, we couldn't find someone willing to even bid on the job. I guess our modest bed wasn't worth their time, but we've actually grown to love the space just as it is. We'll see about getting a nice little fence next year, but we're in no hurry on this one.

Resolution #10: Do a thorough purge of our closets and drawers.

Status: Complete! This is an ongoing effort in our home, and a process that puts Lulu to sleep. Several times per year we do a thorough clean out of our closets and basement, putting together a large donation to a local charity. It means we can get more enjoyment out of our uncluttered space, and others can benefit from the use of items we don't need.

Resolution #11: Last but not least on the list was more of a household management item than a house project. We resolved to make a list of our bank accounts, retirement funds, credit cards, mortgage and car loan companies, etc. so we have a complete picture of account numbers, user names, passwords, and balances. 

Status: Despite Lulu's best effort to thwart our efforts, it's complete! It's a little morbid to have to think about it this way, but if something happened to either one of us, it's reassuring to know this little list is securely tucked away in our safe deposit box at the bank. We carved out several hours on January 2 of last year to knock this one out, and in return we have peace of mind.

All in all, I'd call this year a success. We may have slipped on a couple of our resolutions, but given the fact that I have a newly renovated kitchen with appliances that actually work, I'm happy to move the master bathroom onto the 2013 project list. I'm really proud of all that we accomplished, and appreciate all the wonderful experiences we had. 

Alex will be back tomorrow for a complete year in review post that will take a look at all the other things that kept us busy in 2012 that weren't part of our planned resolution list. Until the new year, I wish you all peace and prosperity. Have a fun (and safe) New Year's Eve!

Are you a regular reader, or new to Old Town Home? Did you miss any of the projects outlined above, or have you trudged through them with us every step of the way? How did you fare on your list of resolutions this year? Any big plans for 2013? We'd love to hear.

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12/31/2012 at 11:38 AM
You guys have been very busy - and did a great job of meeting your goals. The mid-year decision to renovate the kitchen obviously caused some scheduling changes but I wouldn't call them failures.

Check with your bank to find out their policy on access to a jointly owned safe deposit box upon death of one owner - it might not be the best place to keep that list of financial info.

An encrypted file on a computer might work better - you can keep it updated and both of you can know the key to get into it.
Thanks for the tip, Cheryl. We'll have to look into that.

Happy New Year!
Laurie Kazimer
12/31/2012 at 12:15 PM
loved the recap of resolution accomplishments! HNY!
12/31/2012 at 1:35 PM
You all got a lot done in the past year! Congratulations! You need to feel good about your accomplishments - any one of those was good to get accomplished in a year, let alone all of them.

Don't kick yourselves over the bathroom. It'll get done next year and a bathroom is a big project - we have found out through our 9 foot by 6 foot bundle of misery that has spawned more side projects than we can count. We've about quit making New Years' resolutions, as something always happens to change our plans. I say that, but in my mind, I'm telling myself that our bathroom will be finished by this time next year!

Of course, I keep talking about wanting to get things done and here I sit watching the Twilight Zone marathon on Syfy...
The bathroom is still giving you a hard time too, eh? Sorry to hear that, but I'm optimistic that 2013 will be the year of the bathroom for all of us. :-) Happy New Year!
Old Town Home
12/31/2012 at 2:35 PM
Thanks so much, Laurie Kazimer. happy New Year to you too! :-)
1/1/2013 at 10:56 AM
Happy new year you guys!! You sure were busy in 2012.
Thanks, Ashley. We sure were! Happy new year to you too. We're looking forward to seeing more of your projects in 2013.
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