I hope you'll forgive me for that bad early 2000's sitcom reference, but today we're talking ravens. Specifically, the avian Halloween decorations adorning the outside of our home. 

Each year we throw a costume party to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year. Last year I dressed up as Tippi Hedren's character in the Hitchcock movie, The Birds

Having purchased a gaggle of crows to complement my 2011 costume, I wanted to put them to use for a second year running. This year I opted to use all of the birds on the exterior of our home, clustering them in groups for a more dramatic effect.

First I started with the lower window sill, affixing the birds with floral wire and 3M Command tape and hooks. 

Next I moved on to our cast iron railing, lining up birds so they faced different directions, in order to stare down anyone approaching our house. Too bad they couldn't scare off our copper downspout thief by giving him the evil eye. 

The final perch for my feathered friends was atop the light as well as on the transom ledge. Nothing is more terrifying than the thought of passing under a row of birds. 

To complete the theme, we also put out our "Enter if You dare" Pottery Barn mat, a gift from a friend last October. 

Here's a look at the house for the full subtle, spooky effect. When a cable repairman came to the house earlier this week he asked, "What's up with the birds? Is that a Halloween thing?" Sadly sir, it is. But oh how I wish Halloween decorations could remain up all year long. 

The best part of decorating this year though had to be my four legged audience. Luckily, Lulu approved of our efforts.

We're just getting geared up for Halloween around these parts. Next week we'll be back with more details on our interior decorations, our costumes for the year, and how to throw one heck of a par-tay. If you're looking for more Halloween inspiration before then, before to check out our costumes of Halloweens past, the perfect Halloween cocktail, and how we made spooky window silhouettes.

Are you doing anything to get in the Halloween spirit? (Bad pun, I know. I couldn't resist.)

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Karin K
10/19/2012 at 1:47 PM
LOVE the birds - especially the one about to take flight!
He's my favorite as well. :-)
10/19/2012 at 2:43 PM
Love it! Such a unique but still spooky way to decorate the house!
Thanks, Ann! Birds can be really creepy. :-)
10/19/2012 at 5:37 PM
Love the ravens, especially on the transom window, and Lulu's so-sweet face -- yeah, black is beautiful. Where would one buy these feathered friends?
We agree!

We picked up the birds from a few different places, including eBay and Michaels craft store using their 40% off coupon.
10/19/2012 at 6:07 PM
I never would have thought of ravens! I like it!
Thanks, Antonella! They were a great accent for my costume last year, but I loved that I could reuse them again this year.
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