After the completion of the first two steps of our DIY office desk, completion of the base cabinets as well as our mistake-ridden creation of our office desk's solid cherry surface, we were both relieved to have a desk one could call functional.  However, functional and complete are two very different...
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When you own an old house and like to do any sort of work on it, you end up in some pretty dirty and disgusting situations. From cutting holes in plaster to handling insulation, I always seem to be into something that is turning my snot black and face gritty....
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About two years ago Wendy and I hosted a Halloween party for our neighborhood. Not only did it mark a celebration of our favorite holiday, but it was also one of the first times many neighbors had seen the changes we had been steadily making to our home over the...
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In keeping with this week's theme of New Year Resolutions, I'm happy to report that we can call one of our goals officially done -- applying the coat of roof paint over the newly patched area. Last week we talked about the work we had done on the roof to stop a...
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The gloves are coming off. Yesterday my husband and partner in crime publicly called me out on my err...hobby...of saving and reusing paper bags. As if having a hidden stash of nearly 100 bags jammed behind a piece of furniture in our kitchen qualifies as hoarding behavior! Humph. Okay, maybe it's...
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We all have dirty little secrets around our home. Perhaps it's the junk drawer that can't possibly hold another tape dispenser or pack of batteries, or maybe it's the coat closet that has 40 pair of shoes in the bottom. Whatever the case is, when it's in your house and...
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In keeping with this week's theme of New Year's resolutions, we've decided to devote today's Toolbox Tuesday to a "tool" that can help remove debris from your work zone and clutter from your life. The tool? The trusty contractor bag. Ever since the clock struck midnight on January 1, Alex and...
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Happy New Year! There's something about the start of a new year that just gets me motivated. Motivated to clean at a frenzied pace, organize closets like a superhero, and start home renovation projects as if we have all the time in the world. Apparently I'm not alone in my new...
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