Today's "tool" has been somewhat critical in the success of this year's gardening, planting, and entertaining endeavors. No, I'm not talking about an axe, shovel, or some other sort of gardening accessory, I'm actually talking about a tool that's primary purpose is for entertainment. The tool I'm talking about is...
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As many of our readers know from my DIY desk overkill, structured wiring obsession, pencent for whole house audio, DIY Server Rack, frequent Star Wars references, and typical demeanor, I like to fancy myself a nerd's nerd. I freely admit and appreciate this nerdliness about myself and have no qualms...
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As you may have seen in my last post about our custom office desk, we had great success in both designing and constructing a piece of “furniture” that was consistent with the style of our 1850’s antique bookcase inspiration. This was a particularly important aspect to the project as we wanted...
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About two years ago Wendy and I hosted a Halloween party for our neighborhood. Not only did it mark a celebration of our favorite holiday, but it was also one of the first times many neighbors had seen the changes we had been steadily making to our home over the...
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Wendy and I are still quite exhausted from our week long vacation and car buying excursion to Scandinavia. A six hour time change has left us pretty jet lagged. There you go, that's my excuse for a bit of a light weight post today.Rather than try to post something about house...
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