Home to George Washington, originally proposed location of the Federal City, and a significant location for many of the forefathers and historically important personalities in the fabric of the United States, Old Town Alexandria is often blanketed in a patriotic show of red, white, and blue. As one might expect, this typically exuberant display is dialed up a notch for the 4th of July.

A few days ago, we covered what we at Old Town Home do to celebrate the 4th of July. Our display of patriotism, though modest, we feel it is appropriate for a Victorian aged home such as ours.

But we wanted to take you around Old Town to give you a taste of other city blocks and what its residents do to show their American spirit. 

Many residents on the tree lined streets of Old Town drape their homes with period flags to commemorate the year their house was built. 

Or that their house was built when we were declaring our independence from England.

When several homes in a block all have flags proudly flying, it brings a very patriotic and quaint look to the neighborhood. 

Many business storefronts get into the spirit as well and go red, white, and blue. Such is the case with Alexandria's train and toy shop, Whistle Stop Hobbies.

And The Christmas Attic and Union Street Public House.

Our local firehouse proudly displays our nation's colors all year long, but in my opinion, it just sings this time of year.

Some homes stick with the subtle and classic approach to their display.

And even the boaters get in on the festivities.

And our City Hall, as has been the case for the last several years, proudly displays the city's patriotism to the fullest with a massive flag.

How does your neighborhood or city like to dress up for the 4th of July? Share some of your photos or examples if you have some.

No matter the decoration (or the country), we hope all of our readers have a happy, fun, and safe 4th of July!

Are you looking for other 4th of July decorating or entertaining ideas? If so, check out the holidays section of our projects page for cocktails, recipes, exterior decor, and more. 

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7/4/2011 at 11:43 AM
I wish Canadians would get as excited about Canada Day as Americans do about Independance Day!

Most people who decorate extensively for Canada Day are considered to be over enthusiastic wackos. Too bad, I say.

Happy Independance Day to you!
Hi Ashley. My feeling is that most Americans celebrate the holiday with friends and a cookout, but we probably see more extensive decorating in our area since we're in the Washington, D.C. metro area. I hope you had a nice Canada Day this year, festive decor or not. And why not start a trend up in Canada - who cares if people think you're a wacko! :-)
I second what Wendy said :-) If we had a dollar for every time someone thought we were wackos, we'd be rich!
7/5/2011 at 8:00 AM
Thanks for sharing! I lived in Alexandria (Del Ray, actually, but we spent a ton of time in Old Town) a few years back and LOVED it. I wish moving back was in the cards for us.
We're sorry to see you leave the neighborhood Alissa. Where are you living now?
7/5/2011 at 9:18 AM
Very lovely! We like to B-B-Q and then sample the TV shows with music and fireworks...our favorite is the Boston Pops, although NYC and Washington had some fabulous fireworks this year.
Thanks for sharing Donna, and we hope you had a lovely 4th! Sounds like a fun time.
7/5/2011 at 2:24 PM
Hi, love the blog and your July 4th decorations! Where did you get your bunting? We're hoping to get some in time for next year, but it's not the typical decoration you can just pick up anywhere.
Thanks! We actually bought them several years ago from a flag website. You're right, they are a bit of an odd size and most places don't carry them. I think we got them here. www.usaflagsupply.com/american-flags/buntings/flag-products-american-flags-flag-poles-hardware-and-accessories-bird-information-mounting-your-martin-house-p
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