Just like the title of the post says, we're going Black Friday shopping in Old Town, and I'm going to be live tweeting it! We may still be stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner, but that doesn't mean we'll be missing out on good deals.

Wendy has had a plan to wake up bright and early to hit the Old Town boutique district and their great Black Friday sales. The discounts occur in phases, with the early risers saving the most. From 6:00am - 8:00am, shoppers at participating stores can save 30%!! If you'd like to learn more, just check out the Old Town Boutique District's Black Friday page.

So she'll be hitting the stores first thing in the morning, and I'll be coming along to carry bags and Tweet about the experience. You can either follow the adventure on twitter, or just watch on this page as the tweets auto update. I've got to get to bed. We need to get up in only about five and a half hours. We hope you enjoy following our adventure.

Live Tweets:

10:37 PM - Don't forget, next weekend is the @ScotWalkWknd!! So much excitement! We'll be live blogging the parade for your enjoyment. We can't wait.

10:33 PM - It's the end of #BlackFriday, I'd say it was an overwhelmingly fun & successful time. Hope you enjoyed our live tweets.

8:08 PM - Looks like a few houses are getting into the Christmas spirit too. That's what we like to see!

7:23 PM - At the #OldTown #AlexandriaVA tree lighting in Market Square. It's been a long day but lots of fun! #fb

5:34 PM - Working on our second wind to attend the #OldTown #AlexandriaVA Christmas Tree Lighting on Market Square. #ShopAndRally

3:46 PM - #BlackFriday loot: 2 pillows, 2 ornaments, table base, running shoes, shirt, balsamic vinegar, books, a few surprises & more. Woot! Now nap.

3:35 PM - Pepper Spray at Wal-Mart #BlackFriday ? I liked #OldTown #AlexandriaVA's way better. Courteous shopper & staff.

2:45 PM - @OTBoutiqueDstr We had every intention to shop for friends, family, and ourselves. Mission accomplished!

2:41 PM - Stop 16, @ShopTreat, yep, we're still going! Excellent deals to be had, 20% off all day. We're sad we missed 40% tho.

1:06 PM - Wow, the weather is perfect! Headed to Columbia Firehouse for much needed sustenance.

10:58 AM - @joyessdc @otboutiquedstr Glad you're enjoying! I'm sad to say, you are missing a good time.

10:52 AM - Taking a breather after a busy morning of #BlackFriday shopping. We'll be updating later, but get caught up on the day.

10:27 AM - The soundtrack of the day is definitely A Charlie Brown Christmas. We've heard it in at least 50% of the stores.

10:19 AM - Stop 15, Christmas Attic, always a favorite for decorations. Still a good crowd too.

10:09 AM - Stop 14, Decorium, a fine home furnishings winter wonderland.

9:58 AM - Stop 13, The Sugar Cube. Picked up a fun stocking stuffer for Alex. So many beautiful holiday goodies. Yum!

9:52 AM - Lulu just met a HUGE friend while #BlackFriday shopping. Wow, he's not full grown yet!!!

9:50 AM - Stop 12, @Cuisinette for a gift for Wendy. Shhhh... I got a good deal, 20% off :-)

9:37 AM - Stop 11, The Dog Park for some treats for Lulu. Oh, stop 9 was a pit stop home. #ThisIsFun #BlackFriday

9:30 AM - Stop 10, @BishopBoutique, another new shop on King St. Great shoes!

8:53 AM - I'd say Wendy and our friend Kristi had a successful #BlackFriday thus far.

8:01 AM - Stop 8, @LeTastevinVa to check out the great wine selection.

7:53 AM - Stop 7, @HFBooks Hooray For Books! Picking up 3 books, including Awkward Family Pet Photos @AwkwardFamily. Hysterical

7:40 AM - @yikesitshelen Great, we love hearing that! Thanks for reading!

7:37 AM - I've never seen @runpacers more busy or full. New shoes for Wendy and saved $30! #GoodDeal

7:14 AM - Stop 6, @runpacers and some new running shoes for Wendy.

7:11 AM - Stop 5, Pink & Brown, Children's boutique. Pretty good crowd.

7:06 AM - Stop 4, Olio Tasting Room for delicious balsamic. We're definitely buying a few bottles. #Yum

6:57 AM - @OTBoutiqueDstr we're live tweeting #BlackFriday check out the Fiber Space line.

6:53 AM - Another successful venture, we've had our eye on this stand for a while. We <3 30% off!!!

6:46 AM - Stop 3, Walker Home, a newer addition to the King St. A very neat store. Asian antiques and other interesting items.

6:40 AM - We're going pillow crazy. Maybe we're just tired.

6:26 AM - As much as she's shoppin, Wendy's also getting design inspiration.

6:22 AM - Almost forgot to say, we started the buying early at Red Barn with an X-mas pillow from @RedBarnMerc

6:16 AM - Stop 2, European Country Living. Lots of cool and eclectic home goods.

6:14 AM - The Christmas lights are on in #OldTown #AlexandriaVA

6:07 AM - @designsponge You're represented nicely in our first stop for the day, @RedBarnMerc

6:01 AM - Stop 1, @RedBarnMerc let the #BlackFriday games begin.

5:45 AM - RT @OTBoutiqueDstr: Let the voting begin! Which store has the best window display??? You decide & then vote:

5:45 AM - I've been assigned my duties for the morning. Dad's gift searcher and bag mule are my suggested roles. Wendy is locked and loaded.

5:26 AM - It's cold & dark outside on a day off, yet we're awake and going shopping. Lulu doesn't like #BlackFriday #NotAFan #fb

1:02 AM - @OTBoutiqueDstr We'll be up bright and early hitting the #BlackFriday deals in #OldTown. Gotta hit the hay and rest up for a big morning.

12:45 AM - We're live tweeting our #OldTown #AlexandriaVA early morning #BlackFriday adventure. There are deals to be had!

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