Nor was our basement cleaned in a weekend. But thanks to your votes in our poll on Friday, I was at least able to put a serious dent in cleaning up the disaster zone that is our basement. It may not be anywhere near complete, and you may have seen...
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One of the worst parts about our kitchen when we bought our house was how horribly dark it was. The dark wood cabinets and severe lack of lighting meant the whole area was like a cave. (And not in a cool man cave sort of way.) As soon as we...
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After all votes were tallied from our poll on Friday asking you to tell us what to work on this weekend, the task of cleaning the disaster that is our basement won out. Lots of good justifications for why we should do this, and I can't say we disagree.Here's a...
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Here's an official welcome to any new readers who've made it over this way from Brooklyn Limestone! And for those that don't know, Wendy and I were invited to guest blog at Brooklyn Limestone, one of our favorite blogs, for a Conquered Closet series. To say we're giddy with excitement is...
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If you’re a regular reader of our blog you know just how much Wendy and I absolutely adore our pets, aka four legged crew members. Mel and Lulu are as much a member of our family as any humans could ever be. Non pet parents probably find this fact sort...
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We started off 2012 here at Old Town Home with a public proclamation of numerous New Year's resolutions. Even though we're only three weeks in, I glad to report that we're making substantial progress. One of our resolutions, do a thorough purge of our closets and drawers, is well underway...
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One aspect of DIY home renovation that I really truly enjoy is doing electrical work. I’m not sure why this is, perhaps it’s the analytical way you need to think about doing electricity, or maybe it’s because it feels like you’re getting to the end of a project and the...
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As you may have seen in my last post about our custom office desk, we had great success in both designing and constructing a piece of “furniture” that was consistent with the style of our 1850’s antique bookcase inspiration. This was a particularly important aspect to the project as we wanted...
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In previous posts we've covered our journey in our initial attempt to build our completely custom home office desk, the headache we endured in constructing the desk top, and the construction of the upper storage areas, bringing our project to the point where the desk was actually a desk. We had...
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Toolbox Thursday? Yep, this week’s regularly scheduled Toolbox Tuesday was preempted by our nine year house-iversary before & after gallery post, so I figured we should just move the post off to Thursday, you know, for continuity of alliteration purposes. And in honor of our nine year house-iversary I’m going...
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From time to time Wendy and I like to keep you all informed of local happenings in Old Town Alexandria. While we are primarily a DIY blog, we're also a couple of local bloggers who simply love where we live. We enjoy writing about our town so readers from afar...
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Today marks the nine year anniversary of the day Alex and I took ownership of our home, and thus embarked on this crazy journey of renovation adventures and misadventures. It's hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since we were bright eyed and bushy tailed twenty-somethings, ready to...
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When buying our house back in 2003, Alex and I wisely made the decision to allow our apartment lease to slightly overlap with our closing date. We figured that worst case, if we had problems with our closing we wouldn't have to live in our car for a little while....
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When Alex and I bought our 1880s row house back in 2003, our home was in a sad state. It had been owned by a string of bachelors that didn't even change light bulbs when they burned out, let alone keep up with regular maintenance or (gasp) attempt home improvement...
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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers about our nearly decade long renovation and restoration of our home is really a rather simple question: "Why do you do it yourself?" This is obviously a very generalized version of the question, since most people...
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