Trim and finish work of all kinds are major elements in every room we've undertaken in our home.

Whether we're talking about stripping original moulding...

...having reproduction moulding profiles created to match original elements...

...making major statements with custom and complex wainscoting elements...

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There are few things I hate more in life than a scammer, liar, and a cheat.

Long ago, as a very young kid, I remember going to the video arcade at the mall with a $5 bill in hand. As I walked up to the exchange machine to get some tokens, an "old person" (he was probably in his 20s) approached me and said, "I have a whole bunch of tokens I can't use but I need to leave. There's probably close to $20 worth in here," as he shook a small paper bag full of jingling tokens, "and if you want to just give me that $5, we'll call it even. I mean, you're really doing me a favor here."

My eyes must have lit up. I had planned on playing just $5 worth of games, but now I had possibly $20 or more of game play coming my way! And I was doing this guy a favor?!? What a deal! I excitedly answered, "Sure, thanks! Here's my $5!"

I distinctly remember having a fleeting moment of panic that I would hand him my bill before he handed over the tokens, and then run from the arcade. But this fear was waylaid when he unfurled his clenched fist holding the bag and dropped it into my eager hands before I even handed over my precious dough.

He thanked me for the help and headed out the arcade door as I practically skipped to the nearby driving game I'd now be spending four times longer enjoying.

However, my joy turned to dread as I reached into the bag only to realize it was full of pennies and circular metal blanks from the hardware store. To say I was crushed is an understatement. I was broken, completely unaware of how someone could be so cruel. For what? $4 and change?

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It was 1982, and little did I know it but my world was about to be turned upside down. The days of being an only child (not the mention the only grandchild on my Dad's side) were numbered. I still distinctly remember the day when my parents sat down with me to let me know I was going to have a little brother or sister, and I was elated. 

As the time for my new sibling's debut approached a lot of changes started to happen. Not only did we pack up and move to a larger house, but the room next to mine in the new house started to undergo a radical transformation. Out went the hideous 1960s shag carpet and in came the makings of a nursery.

The theme my parents chose for the room was Beatrix Potter, and my mom ran with it with gusto. My parents installed a stained chair rail and above it hung a themed wall paper adorned with the covers of many children's tales. And while they may have deviated a bit from the Peter Rabbit theme, my Mom added many personal touches like this cross stitched piece for the room.

My Aunt Susan got in on the action and sewed a beautiful Peter Rabbit quilt, which would later be known as "Gankie" and would secure its place as my brother's prized possession for many years. 

While adorable and charming, there was no way to argue that this was anything but a baby's room. The colors, accessories, wall paper, and even the Humpty Dumpty lamp all played into a room fit for a youngster. It served its purpose for many years, but as my brother turned into a toddler and eventually a "big boy," I remember his exclamation many times that the room was fit for a baby, and he wasn't a baby any longer.

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As with any major project, no matter how experienced you are, things don't necessarily go quite as planned.

Rather than just simply going with a big "Look at how awesome our floor looks, and it was so easy" blog post, I want to share our grouting process with you. And that include everything...The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Though our grout color selection was a major step in the overall progress of our bathroom, it was ultimately a small component of the much larger "give our bathroom an actual floor" task that has required quite a few steps to complete.

The main thing an actual selection of a color resulted in was our ability to move forward with the remainder of those many additional smaller tasks. And after our trials and tribulations with color selection, we approached our actual grouting with gusto.

We actually kicked off the whole process even before we selected a color by first sealing the tile that had been laid.

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Stop me if you've heard this story. The Three Bears jump into a time machine and waste a whole weekend in search of the grout color that was juuuuuuusssssstttt right...

No? Not familiar with this little DIY fairy tale? Well then, let me fill you in.

The selection of a grout color for a large bathroom is easy...said no one...ever. That's why, once upon a time, three little bears named Wendy, Alex, and Lulu went out in search of the perfect grout color for a bathroom renovation that's taken longer than any of them would like to admit to the world.

Since these three bears were using one inch marble hex (actually, 1.25" marble hex) with 1/16" grout lines on their master bathroom floor, the color of the grout would ultimately play a major role in the overall look of the room, primarily because there's going to be a ton of it visible.

The bears knew that choosing the correct color could both highlight the tile while also distracting from any inconsistencies or layout issues. (Though I'm sure each and every one of those issues had been resolved through the bears' diligent search and correction techniques.)

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