It was the summer of 1994 and I had just been introduced to the awkward and unkempt 16 year old boy that would, eight years later, be the man that I married. To say that it was love at first sight would be the overstatement of the century.

My initial hesitation in getting to know this boy a bit better had nothing to do with the long and thick brillo pad he called hair peeking out of the sides of his grimy backwards baseball hat, like the wings of a disheveled flightless bird. Nor was it the surplus 30 pounds he was carrying around thanks to too many drive through trips where his order involved the words "double" and "Super Sized," all courtesy of the newfound freedom that comes with a drivers license, his mom's station wagon, and the financial freedom of working in a shopping mall athletic shoe store. 

Though this would have been enough to steer most females from this brightly colored peacock, my lack of interest and attraction stemmed from the fact that this guy could barely muster a simple "hello" or a second of eye contact when we were first introduced. 

Instead I got some lame caveman grunt that barely resembled the word "hey," accompanied by a stammering head-nod. You know, the one that guys give other guys with the obligatory, "'Sup, dude?" The conclusion drawn? This guy has zero personality, and P.S., why does he think growing his hair out for dreadlocks is a look that will read as cool whether on or off the soccer field?

It took months of getting to know him in group settings, trying to fix him up with a close friend, and getting dumped by a friend of his before I started to pay attention to his sense of humor, generous spirit, wicked smarts, and fun loving personality. Here we are a year later, after I started thinking he was the greatest boyfriend on the planet. Not bad for a rebound boyfriend.

The point of my tale of high school romance? I don't fall in love easily, but when I do, it's for real and it's for keeps. Whether it's my mate in life, a home we're purchasing, a major career change, or even buying a new piece of furniture, I don't typically move quickly. 

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There are several distinct phases when it comes to tiling a room.

You've got your tile selection process.

You've got your tile layout decisions.

You've got your tile laying.

And you've got your tile grouting.

I feel like Bubba talking shrimp with Forrest Gump. That's...that about it.

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Have you ever entered a weekend with the idea that you'd definitely be completing a certain project or goal, only to take on something completely different? At the conclusion of the weekend you look back with a certain sense of disappointment for not having your anticipated completed work to show for the time, but you have something else that's equally as good, if not better? This past weekend we experienced this very scenario.

I was sure we were going to tackle a bit more of our bathroom tile, but the long holiday weekend had different plans for us.

Wendy's parents were in town for the Fourth, and they enjoy working in the yard. We had planned to attend a cookout and the fireworks on The Mall, but beyond that, the weekend was pretty open.

As a result, the morning of the Fourth we found ourselves cleaning up our small backyard area, trimming our ivy, and staring at our decroded, warped, and flaking back gate.

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Wendy and I have been hard at work on our bathroom and we have a little bit of progress we'd like to share with you.

A significant project like our bathroom can be broken in many smaller projects. Actually, it almost must be broken into smaller parts, or we'd pretty much lose out mind while working on it.

From the overall shell of the room, to the vanity transformation, to the wainscoting, to selecting the right mirror and hanging it, everything becomes a project unto itself and must be tackled as an individual milestone to the ultimate goal.

One of these "little" projects we've been working on is almost a room within a room project. It's just a very tiny room. Yep, I'm talking about our bathroom closet.

This diminutive space within our generously sized bathroom measures just about 32"x27". And if you'll recall from our post last year, we decided to use some reclaimed and salvaged pine tongue and groove flooring as panelling for the walls of our little closet.

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Thank you for the overwhelming response last week on our point versus flat marble flooring layout debate. 

We had an overwhelming response to our simple A or B question. And though the responses ranged from thought provoking, to those based on opinion and personal experience, to the layout most likely to make your butt look wider, the thing is, the resulting tally of votes between point and flat were very surprising.

I figured everyone would pretty much say they preferred one to the other, and the victor would be a landslide win. But what I learned is that there is no "correct" way, and it all comes down to personal opinion. I also learned that sitting on the location of the toilet might be the best way to get a sense of how it will look when installed.

Many pointed out the virtues of point over flat, while others showed where flat would be superior. And quite a few pointed out how much harder it would be to install the pointed layout method at the door threshold due to the tedious cuts necessary...a very valid point. (See what I did right there?)

One thing for sure, we needed a larger view than two single sheets laying on the ground. So we broke open several boxes and started to lay them all our in a larger area.

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