Alright...where were we? Our water had heater failed in a glorious manner with a basement waterfall, but our WaterCop saved our butt by shutting off our water.

Mending our wounded pride for allowing such a catastrophic failure as theoretically responsible home maintainers, we showered with a bucket for a few days and endlessly researched water heaters. We finally decided on a tankless heater, hired an installer, and made a complete disaster in the biggest disaster area of our house by ripping out the basement wall that was previously in front of the old busted water heater.

After we reached this point we cleared everything out of the basement and we were ready for the install of our tankless water heater.

Brent, our installer from Tankless Concepts, turned up to our house right on time and ready to install. When he got started he unloaded the contents of his truck in our backyard and used the yard as a staging area. I loved this part of the project because I got to look over everything that was being installed. I was like a kid on water heater Christmas morning.

A lot of people see hiring someone to do a job as a way to get the job done without putting forth effort. Whether the customer has the ability to do the job or not, people tend to take a fairly hands off approach once a pro is on the job.

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Have you ever been working on a project, humming right along and without issue, when a disaster jumps right up and bites you?

It's almost like Forrest Gump running thorough the jungle carrying troops, humming right along, rescuing people left and right, and that bullet just jumps up and bites him.

That's how I felt when the hot water tank went bad. No option other than to derail what we were doing (the bathroom) and begin concentrating on our replacement hot water heater.

Last week we told you we'd decided on working with local company, Tankless Concepts, on the install of a new tankless water heater for our home. But before we'd be able to get the new unit in place, we'd need to do some prep work in the giant disaster of a basement to clear the way for the replacement, and we'd also need to figure out what brand of water heater we'd ultimately purchase.

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It seems in the last couple weeks that our house has been revolting against us. Whether big or small, we've had a slew of things go wrong and the mounting list of repairs has me feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and convinced we'll never finish our endless master bathroom renovation, or any other project for that matter.

We've spent a lot of time talking about the hot water heater's attempt to turn our basement into an indoor swimming pool, but this has impact far beyond our need to shower with buckets. In fact, the basement that was once a disgusting space has gotten worse. While I'm happy to say that after a week without hot water, we can once again shower, do laundry, and run the dishwasher (we'll fill you all in on the details later this week), but our normally hoarder-esque subterranean space is now even more disorganized. Having to rip out the hastily installed (by misguided owners in the 1980s) and essentially propped in place "finished" temporary wall in the basement has left much of our junk displaced, to the point it's difficult to get down the basement stairs.

Before we can claim any sort of victory, we need to tackle a massive organization effort. But at this stage of the game we're paralyzed by the mountains of clutter and distracted by our unexpected repairs.

In addition to the basement, the decorative air intake return vent cover outside of our bedroom transom no longer stays shut. It now looks like a sad flap of ornate metal that mocks me from its perch every night as I retire to our room. 

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We've made a few major decisions over the last couple of days, not the least of which is that neither of us really enjoys showering with a bucket of lukewarm water.

Since we were thrust into the potentially life impacting decision making process surrounding the replacement of our fractured water heater, we've had a bit of a crash course on the subject of 21st century water heating.

It seems the whole industry has progressed rather significantly since our doomed gas fed 40 gallon hot water tank was installed in 1995. It's amazing what nearly 19 years will do to technology of nearly any kind.

To be totally honest, I've actually been brainstorming and generally researching water heating solutions for our home for many years. Well, I should correct that statement. I've actually been daydreaming about the day we'd eventually replace our outdated and inefficient tank heater, and I often daydream via Internet research and mock shopping. I know, I have a set of ridiculously exciting daydreams.

When our original tank was installed, it was considered a moderately efficient unit for its time. But at about 80% efficient, today it's an embarrassingly inefficient dinosaur. An example of A bygone era of home appliances when lower technology, lower fuel prices, and lower consideration for the environment reigned supreme.

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Ugh! This past weekend was a kick in the gonads. Yep, that about sums it up.

What Wendy and I had hoped would be a super productive weekend turned into a bit of a bad situation that could've been an unmitigated disaster scenario. In the end we got very little of value accomplished but dodged a major bullet. But now we're left "showering" with a tupperware container and a bucket of tea kettle warmed water. Intrigued?

It all started late Friday night when I decided to finish up our last little bit of tiling in the shower. We had just five rows of tile left and a whole bunch of bullnose to install, and I received some verbal inspiration from Wendy (read, yelling) and a second wind for the day at about 10:00 pm.

After after a brief few hours of late night effort we had a finished master bathroom tile project and I was feeling good.

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