We've made a few major decisions over the last couple of days, not the least of which is that neither of us really enjoys showering with a bucket of lukewarm water.

Since we were thrust into the potentially life impacting decision making process surrounding the replacement of our fractured water heater, we've had a bit of a crash course on the subject of 21st century water heating.

It seems the whole industry has progressed rather significantly since our doomed gas fed 40 gallon hot water tank was installed in 1995. It's amazing what nearly 19 years will do to technology of nearly any kind.

To be totally honest, I've actually been brainstorming and generally researching water heating solutions for our home for many years. Well, I should correct that statement. I've actually been daydreaming about the day we'd eventually replace our outdated and inefficient tank heater, and I often daydream via Internet research and mock shopping. I know, I have a set of ridiculously exciting daydreams.

When our original tank was installed, it was considered a moderately efficient unit for its time. But at about 80% efficient, today it's an embarrassingly inefficient dinosaur. An example of A bygone era of home appliances when lower technology, lower fuel prices, and lower consideration for the environment reigned supreme.

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Ugh! This past weekend was a kick in the gonads. Yep, that about sums it up.

What Wendy and I had hoped would be a super productive weekend turned into a bit of a bad situation that could've been an unmitigated disaster scenario. In the end we got very little of value accomplished but dodged a major bullet. But now we're left "showering" with a tupperware container and a bucket of tea kettle warmed water. Intrigued?

It all started late Friday night when I decided to finish up our last little bit of tiling in the shower. We had just five rows of tile left and a whole bunch of bullnose to install, and I received some verbal inspiration from Wendy (read, yelling) and a second wind for the day at about 10:00 pm.

After after a brief few hours of late night effort we had a finished master bathroom tile project and I was feeling good.

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We've reached a critical juncture in our vanity transformation project, and I'm super excited about it.

Though we've been discussing our adventures in tiling, the delivery of our marble a few weeks back put us in a great position for moving our vanity project along.

As we've grown weary of our tiling efforts, the unfinished vanity, sitting just a few feet away, began calling to our DIY ADD, "take a break for just a minute and pay some attention to me. I just want to be functional. Is that so wrong?"

No, vanity, it's not wrong at all.

As we've discussed before, we've had our bathroom hardware since purchasing it during the Restoration Hardware bath event in the spring...of 2009. It's been patiently tucked away in the basement, just waiting for the day it would be called upon to perform its duty.

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***This Reader Reward is no longer accepting entries – See the winner below.***

We're very happy to announce the winner of the complimentary tickets to the Twig's 73rd annual Homes Tour. Congratulations to "mp," who will be traveling up from Richmond with her daughter (and hitting up IKEA too). We can't wait for a new visitor to the Old Town Homes Tour to fall in love with the area.

I want to take a moment today to share a little love story with you that relates directly to a giveaway we're kicking off with today's post.

As you know, Wendy and I are completely and absolutely head over heels in love with Old Town Alexandria. I really never knew it was possible to love a city in this way, and it may be totally cheesy, but we really, truly love our town.

However, every love story has a beginning. Whether it's a first knowing glance, an unexpected encounter, or that wonderful first date that sets you on a path for bliss, the catalyst that kicks it all off is a memory that lasts forever.

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We have been tiling machines of late.

Well, when I say "machines" what I'm really saying is that we're tiling machines that are old and slow, but apparently still work sometimes and eventually get the job done.

I guess if we're trying to draw a comparison, we're less like...

...and more like...

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