Ho-lee crap. After suffering through a day of 103 degree (that's 110 heat index) weather, the massive wind and thunder storms that ripped through the mid-Atlantic made their way to Alexandria at roughly 10:30pm, and their presence was undeniable. As the winds started to pick up and we watched the...
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Last week we gave you all a little glimpse into the first several steps of our home office renovation project, as well as the injury I suffered that threw a major wrench into our plans. But once I healed up and jumped back on the DIY horse, we still had...
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Summer cookouts and 4th of July parties are upon us, and I'm always looking for that perfect and simple appetizer or side that I can serve to guests. Quite honestly, at this time of year, it's hard to beat anything that gets presented as red, white, and blue. I suspect...
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We've been getting a few questions from readers on how our garden is growing. For those of you new to Old Town Home, we're self-proclaimed "black thumbs" when it comes to our skills in this area, but despite a lack of gardening talent or experience, we haven't given up yet. Earlier...
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This week's Toolbox Tuesday deviates a little from the tool theme and goes the way of technology supplies. Though it's a bit of a departure from our normal posts, we still hope you'll enjoy reading it. Also, we updated yesterday's 4th of July buntings post with a few additional photos...
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Back in 2003 when we bought our house we knew we wanted to bring a little patriotic flair to the exterior of our home for the 4th of July holiday. While most homes in the area go the route of a flag, we opted to do something a little bit...
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We've gotten several questions about 1 Shot paint since we painted our French doors in their high gloss black last year, including this question from Andrew in Utah. Hi, I was reading your post about painting your French doors. I am really interested in using the 1 Shot Paint. I am looking for...
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WARNING: There are some photos at the bottom of this post of an injury I suffered during but unrelated to this project. They aren't really bad, but I know some people don't like to see x-rays of broken bones. If you're a regular reader, you may remember a few months back...
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They don't call it spring cleaning for nothin'. I'm not sure what it is about the end of the colder winter months, but come the change in season, the inner OCD / Type A neat freak in me awakens from her state of hibernation. Whether it's tackling our fridge funk,...
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Several months ago I did a Toolbox Tuesday on the proper tape to use when sealing up your ducts. In spite of its name, duct tape is not the tape of choice, go figure. But since that post, I've used one other method for sealing up our ducts that I've...
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Vanities are perhaps one of the most important fixtures in a bathroom, and can be one of those important aspects of a home that can impact the overall success and happiness of a marriage. Having lived with just one sink in our master bathroom for seven long years, I can...
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Every once in a while I get really excited about a deal or a bargain. Typically this is an internal excitement that I take from the store to the car or blab on to Alex about, but in this case I couldn't resist sharing my shopping win with you.  Do you...
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One thing that's kind of cool about living in Old Town Alexandria for as long as we have, and the fact that we've made a habit of visiting open houses for the whole time we've lived here, is that we're starting to see a lot of houses that we've previously...
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Given the horrendous traffic in the Washington, DC metro area, I consider one of the biggest perks of my job to be the fact that I commute on foot to and from the office. Not only does my seven minute door-to-door walk free me from the angst and stress of...
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Before we get started on today's post, we just wanted to let you know that we announced the winner of our $100 Father's Day gift card to The Home Depot. Be sure to stop on over to see if you won. Ok, back to today's post... One of the features I always...
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